Baymax and Scarlett: Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning (Data Part II)

Last week  I encouraged Patient Support and Patient Market leaders to evaluate their post-launch data needs at least one full year before their product’s PDUFA date. The usefulness of data is not limited to historical program performance review. As I wrote earlier, You do it to identify actionable insights and give your colleagues the tools […]

Price, Cost, Spend: Following Pfizer’s Rabbit

Fifteen years ago, I walked out in protest when a pair of Big Pharma recruiters visited my Community Health Sciences lecture at UCLA. Here we were, examining social determinants of health and assessing public health programs’ impact, and these folks were hawking their slick, updated employee gym and company swag? I didn’t stick around to […]

How Well Do You Know Your Patients, Really?

I recently had the opportunity to present recommendations for a Patient Support Program to a biotech’s executive leadership team. For US patients, the barriers to starting and staying on therapy, even a life-saving one, are most likely to be financial. Just because you have (employer-sponsored) insurance does not mean you will have coverage. You already […]

Six Questions For Clients About Patient Costs

I’ve had a few “getting to know you/maybe we should work together” calls this past month. (BTW, #grateful) And two potential clients asked me what % I would estimate for pass-through for their respective copay programs. I asked what they were thinking, ballpark, for wholesale acquisition cost (WAC). One flat out balked at sharing (which […]

I’d Like To Speak With An Attorney.

I have a high appetite for risk. Move away 2800 miles to go to a college I had never seen (except in catalogs), with the closest family living a 3-hour flight away? Why not? Drop out of that same college and couch surf while I desperately tried to crack into the newspaper business? If you […]

Luck and Health.

This pile of stones was a two-room house, with a dirt floor, tin roof, no running water, and no electricity. And it was my mother’s childhood home in Barnacranny, Galway, Ireland. My grandmother gave birth to 10 of her 12 children in this house (she delivered the last two in a hospital). Tragically, she was […]

What Are You Trying To Say (And Why Does It Matter)?

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” –Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride I was in a brand meeting, and a senior leader pointed to a dashboard and very animatedly referred to BI turnaround times as catastrophic: in one case, as long as 20+ days. I had no idea […]

My stomach is flipping. But I cannot stop grinning.

First shared on LinkedIn on November 12, 2020. You know those moments that make you queasy, yet you cannot wait to get started? That’s been me the past few weeks.  I am thrilled to announce the formation of: Galway Group Life Sciences Consulting, LLC: An independent consulting practice dedicated to helping Pharma and Biotech manufacturers […]